I’m reading East of the Sun by Julia Gregson. It’s set in India in the late 1920’s and follows the stories of three English women who travel to India by ship to make a life there. The book captures the vivid colors, exotic flowers, extreme poverty and growing tension of India during the period.

As an experiment, I used the novel as inspiration for a moodboard, created on mydeco.com. Here’s the result.

East of the Sun moodboard

I found mydeco.com’s moodboard tool wasn’t particularly intuitive to use. You can’t move objects around very easily and there doesn’t seem to be an option to cut out images from their background. But, it’s an interesting exercise and, if you’re genuinely planning a room, it would certainly help organize your ideas and try new things.

This moodboard is a case in point. I wouldn’t usually be brave enough to combine teal, pink, amber and deep blue – but it’s quite a satisfying combination, albeit rather intense.