I’ve spotted a few examples of trompe l’oeil recently, with a rather unexpectedly modern feel. I would never normally consider using trompe l’oeil, but these pictures made me think again.

trompe l'oeil wardrobe

This is Mary, Mary, quite contrary, watering her garden – it’s quirky and humorous but the black and white gives it a graphic appeal and prevents the room from looking too sugary sweet.

Here’s a similar effect in author India Knight’s home, from Livingetc.

India Knight

The mural is by Charlotte Mann. It actually goes all the way up the stairs and features favorite items belonging to the family. This is a really great, albeit unusual, alternative to wallpaper – much more personal without being gaudy.

For more by Charlotte Mann, check out her site. I particularly like this piece – perfect for turning a tiny, windowless room into something inspirational.

Charlotte Mann mural

I’m not quite sure if I’d have the courage to do this to a wall in my house yet. And I’m imagining it might be rather expensive. I haven’t found anywhere that sells wallpaper like this and a custom piece is not in the budget right now! But definitely one for the inspiration files…