Is it me or am I seeing displays of wall-mounted plates everywhere? I actually really like the effect, although it does remind me of an English country kitchen. It seems the trick is to use a mix of different styles and colors and avoid too formulaic a lay-out. The examples below almost look like clouds – the effect is quirky vintage rather than traditional.


This is artist Lisa Congdon’s kitchen, from the cover of new book, San Francisco Kitchens – spotted on SFgirlbybay.


As evidence that the trend is transatlantic, this photo is of Jamie Theakston’s (British TV presenter) home, featured in Livingetc.


I’m sorry to say I don’t recall where I spotted this picture (if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll update the post). But it is a fabulous example of the trend. I like the bird on the table and the hanging birdcage – very sweet with the plates. But the chandelier ensures the whole look isn’t too saccharine sweet.