My toddler is now old enough (and more than big enough) to move out of his crib into a bed. I’ve been hunting around for a modern white toddler bed that isn’t too expensive. From what I gather, you can never tell whether your child will actually stay in the bed you choose (even though he says he’s into the idea). And even once they are happy to sleep through the night in it, they’ve graduated to a twin bed before you know it. So there is absolutely no point in spending over $500 for this gorgeous Oeuf bed.


So what’s a good alternative? Well, here’s my short list.

First, the Da Vinci Modena bed. I found one for $210. It’s very simple and has the clean lines of the Oeuf bed, although not the cool curved edges. The best thing about it, though, is that it has a drawer underneath. We need that extra storage space.


The bed below is the Little Colorado Scalloped Star bed. is selling it for $150. I like the star motif but the scalloped edges are a bit twee for my liking. And there’s no drawer. Cute though.


This bed, the KidKraft modern toddler bed, was recommended on Apartment Therapy. I admit it is pretty cool – and only about $190. But it’s natural wood and I am rather set on white.


And so to my favorite option. Rather unimaginatively, it’s the IKEA choice. It’s called Kritter (so cute) and is only $89. No drawer, but look at the little sheep cut outs on the headboard. Provided the quality looks ok, I think this is the one. Sweet dreams…


For more inspiration, I like Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedo blog and Remodelista which has some cool ideas for children’s rooms.

I’ll show pictures of my son’s room once the bed’s in place. Next stop, though, cute toddler bedding. $350 for a designer bedding set anyone?