Hurray! I have made my first purchase in the planned four-day makeover of our living and dining room. Yes, I am a little behind schedule. A lot of research has happened but very few decisions.

So what did I get? A rug? A mirror? A stunning new floor lamp? Ahem, no, I got a vase. Here’s a picture of it.

Wingard white vase

It’s from Kenneth Wingard in San Francisco. Wingard is a designer and pretty much everything in the store is by him. He also has a new store in LA. His stuff is very reasonably-priced and pretty good quality. It’s rather Jonathan Adler-esque. Here are some other examples of his work.

Wingard Mo-bil-os

These brass disks, which Wingard calls ‘mo-bi-le-os’ are $89 for a set of three. The picture above has four sets. I think they’d look fantastic above a sideboard. I was seriously tempted but we just have too much silver and pewter – the bronze wouldn’t work.

Wingard Starburst mirror

This is the large Sunburst Mirror.

Wingard vases

Wingard has lots of beautiful ceramics. These glossy Brentwood vases also come in white, chocolate brown and aqua.

So, back to the vase I bought. It checks all the boxes: organic shape, retro modern feel, white to fit with the other ceramics on my mantlepiece. So I was pretty happy with it.

But, on getting it home, I realized something. You can’t actually put any flowers in it. Look at it. No flower, except perhaps something with an extremely bendy stem, is going to wiggle its way down that thing and survive. Now, I know we don’t always have to put flowers in our vases, but it would be nice to have the option…

Anyway, I don’t really care. I like it as it is. My son also likes it because it looks like a toy (I just have to follow him round, hands hovering underneath it, in case he drops it). So, flowerless, it’s here to stay.