I love the reddish hue of copper. Hammered, polished or slightly oxidized, it always appeals to me. But it’s not easy to incorporate copper into an interior design scheme. I always feel that it competes with other colors or metals. So I set out to find inspiration. And guess what? I found tons of fabulous color combinations. Hope they inspire you too.

How about copper with electric blue and purple? I just love this shot of oxidizing copper.

Copper oxidizing

Too much? Then what about with deep, deep blue? Or you could use a combination of slate and silvery gray.

Copper and water

I like this combination of copper, pale shell pink, white and dark brown.

Copper and shells

Or some south western influence in this copper and turquoise combo? The pistachio green is surprisingly pleasing too.

Copper necklace

You could also team it with verdigris – the color of oxidized copper. (And, by the way, those plant stands are made from copper conduit! Genius).

plant stands

Or, for the indecisive, all of the above…

peacock feathers

So many possible ideas. I’ll post some pics soon of rooms that incorporate copper. But if you have suggestions – or even pictures you’d like me to link to – let me know. I haven’t found much out there about how to use copper in interiors (and I also want to do more research on how it’s mined and manufactured – I feel like I should know more) so am looking for resources. Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful photos, all courtesy of these very talented Flickr users:


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