I have always liked Anthropologie‘s furnishing line, so I was delighted when it introduced a range of wallpaper. I was checking the site out today and found this really pretty wallpaper with birds, butterflies and flowers.

Vanuatu Twilight wallpaper

It also has a rather enchanting name: Vanuatu Twilight. Here’s a close-up.

Vanuatu Twilight

This is an Anthropologie exclusive but the funny thing is, a few months back, when I was looking for some pretty wallpaper with birds, I found this on a site called fabricsandpapers.com:

Hummingbirds wallpaper

This one has a slightly more humdrum name (no pun intended): it’s just called hummingbirds wallpaper. But the pattern is identical. Fabricsandpapers.com carries it in a few different colors (and a matching fabric), but none exactly the same as the Anthropologie one, which I assume is therefore custom. I had been searching for the original manufacturer, and I’m still none the wiser. But at least I now know where to go to see an example of it on a wall.

Fabricsandpapers.com has lots of other surprisingly pretty wallpapers, like this tree of life design.

Tree of life wallpaper

And this delicate orchid pattern.

Orchid wallpaper

All perfect for a light and summery scheme.