Every so often I post something on architecture, as opposed to interior design, just because it’s so stunning and inspiring that I can’t resist. So when I spotted these videos of buildings that move, and even dance, via Fast Company, I had to cover them. They are truly amazing.

The first video shows an art installation called Articulated Cloud, by Ned Kahn, that forms the facade of the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh. The building is covered in a ‘skin’ made with thousands of white, translucent tiles which move in the wind. It is meant to resemble clouds.

Kahn has a fantastic portfolio online which shows his other work around the world, using fire, light, water, sand, fog and wind to create stunning effects in conjunction with architecture. I particularly love this one, called Wind Silos, in North Carolina.

Ned Kahn

It’s just a parking structure, but it’s covered in these undulating metal screens and then a 16′ ribbon of wind-activated stainless steel disks. Call me shallow, but it looks like like this rather fabulous Tiffany bracelet to me….

Tiffany bracelet

The next one is just an artist’s impression. It’s called the FLARE Facade and is designed by White Void. The facade is like a membrane made of thousands of ‘flakes’ which can be programmed to move in any pattern. It looks like some amazing light show, but it’s really just reflected light. It’s almost as if the building is alive.

Finally, check out this one for a bit of humor. It really is a building that dances! The building was covered in shutters (of a kind that I think are actually quite common in Germany) and then the movements were choreographed. It almost has a personality!

Don’t think my house will be looking like this any time soon. But pretty inspirational stuff all the same.