I’m seeing a lot of these yellowy-greens around the design blogs at the moment. What I like about these shades is that they’re so timeless and flexible. Take a look at these totally different looks, all using variations of olive, moss and fern.

With lavender, olive is pretty and romantic (Vanessa Bruno‘s apartment via Decor8):

Olive - Vanessa Bruno

Used in abundance with gold and aubergine, it’s sumptuous and glamorous (via The Deco Detective – in fact, Trudi has a whole post on moss green – check it out, there are some lovely photos):

Olive bedroom

Used sparingly, it can be rustic (as in this stunning home in Lombardy, Italy, via The Style Files):

Olive - Lombardy kitchen

Against dark walls it’s stylish and modern (via From the Right Bank to the Left Coast):


This olive painted chair looks great in a farmhouse kitchen (via An Angel at my Table):


On a roomy sofa, it makes an elegant and classic living room look inviting (via LivingEtc):

Olive sofa

Thank you to all these blogs for the green inspiration!