Julia at Hooked on Houses is having a blog party so I thought I’d bring a little something along… Today I’m hooked on chandeliers made out of unexpected things. I’m a fan of using a standout pendant lamp to pull a space together and add some personality. But these examples are pretty crazy, so get ready….

Ok, I’m going from mildly wacky to downright loopy in this post (don’t go scrolling ahead now). So this first one isn’t too unexpected. We’ve seen teacup chandeliers before, right? But this one, via A Room Somewhere, is so very casual and sweet that it stands out.

Teacup chandelier

I simply love this next one. It was created by Danny Seo and I spotted it on Anh-Minh (she has a knack for finding unusual things!). Seo made it himself out of an old IKEA shade and some cheap bird ornaments. It’s adorable.

Bird chandelier

You’ll never guess what this one is made of: old gramaphone horns! They look great in this cluster of three, especially with the varying colors and sizes. This is from a photo of artist Jorge Estevez’s Paris home, featured in House and Garden‘s May 2009 issue. I hunted high and low for a picture of it online and eventually found it via Little Willow (a new blog discovery for me). The gramaphone horns are available from Trouver Antiques.

trumpet chandelier

Last, but definitely the loopiest, is this chandelier made out of boxes used for packing Chiquita bananas. It’s actually a pretty amazing design – I quite want one. And it’s eco-friendly because it’s recycled. Although I’m dubious about how fire-safe it is! Via igreenspot.

Chiquita chandelier

Crazy, huh?