I’ve been tormented recently by this game over at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast. The goal is to come up with one picture that captures your interiors style completely. Frankly, I think it’s impossible unless you’re one of those people that is entirely sure of their choices and knows their own style inside out. Well, that isn’t me, I’m sorry to say. But, it has been a very fun challenge to attempt (not to mention a brilliant idea, Right Bank!). So, in an effort to achieve some sort of closure on this, here are my finalists and my winning choice.

Firstly I should say that I considered a veritable medley of styles: industrial lofts, spaces with bright colors and kooky details, Californian mid-century homes with fabulous views… But, in the end, I stayed true to my real roots: a bit vintage, a bit sparkly, a bit British and a lot of classic.

I have been a fan of Monique Lhuillier’s house in LA ever since it appeared in Elle Deco. I like the grays, the symmetry, the calmness, the artwork, the great chunks of crystal. Not that I’m saying I think I have her style, of course! (I wish!). But, in the end, this look is a bit too upscale for me.

Monique Lhuillier home

I have loved this house in LivingEtc for years. There’s something about the open floor plan and the colors – neutral with a splash of chartreuse – that appeals.

Living Etc

I love this pic in Homes and Gardens – similar colors (do you see a theme yet?!), very classic but a bit of sparkle. But, perhaps it’s just a bit too traditional for me.

Homes and Gardens

I love this living room by Lucyina Moodie. The colors are right, there’s a little bit of silver. It’s very calming and organized. I like the moldings. But it lacks a little character for me.

Lucyina Moodie

The Style Files just posted about this gorgeous house in Copenhagen and I’m tempted to use the living room as my ‘one picture’. It certainly has the sparkly elements. But maybe just a few too many of them…

Copenhagen house

So, here it is – my final choice. I’m sorry if you find it a bit underwhelming. I just wanted something I could truly see me creating and living in. The paneling is what did it: I love a house with this sort of historical architectural detail (of course, that’s the Brit in me). And, naturally, it’s mostly white, symmetrical, and also very livable.

Picture 317

So there you go: the real me. I feel quite exposed now! If you haven’t played the game yet, go here to try.