If you’ve ever wondered where interior design magazines stage their photo shoots, you should check out some of the location agencies’ web sites. I’ve been browsing Light Locations recently. There are dozens of wonderful homes (mostly English, although some are overseas) to ogle. Granted, they’re a little depersonalized, as you’d expect. But this is the cream of the crop when it comes to light, space and architectural details. I even recognize a few from memorable features that have graced the pages of my favorite design mags.

There are country houses:

Blue bed in barn

Quirky houses (this is a knitting barn!):

Knitting barn

Elegant town houses:


Eclectic houses (remember this from this photo shoot?):

Living room

Drop-dead fabulous houses:

Living room

Eccentric houses (I remember this one from a Rug Company shoot):

Panelled room

Cool Britannia houses:

Panelled room

Victorian houses:

Open plan



Uber-stylish houses:

Living room

‘I-want-to-go-to-Marrakech-now!’ houses:

Marrakech house

Go on, I challenge you to find one that isn’t your style…