Here’s why I enjoy blogging: Last week I received an email from a gentleman named Chris Hankey. He’s an artist, and he painted the seascape that we have hanging in our living room. It’s a piece of art that means a tremendous amount to us as it was a wedding gift from all our friends and family. It turns out that a reader had spotted a photo of my living room on this blog, fallen in love with the painting and contacted Chris. As a result, Chris got to see where his painting ended up and I got to hear from the artist whose work has been so prominent in our lives for the past six years. How great is that?

And so you can see just why we’re so crazy about this artist’s work, here are a few of his latest pieces.

Chris Hankey

Portheras Cove

Chris Hankey

Sunset Gwenver

Chris Hankey

Evening Calm Portheras

And here‘s the picture that started it all (second photo from the top).

You can check out more of Chris’ work at his site.