As another day of freezing San Francisco fog closes, I’m wondering if it can really be summer everywhere else in the country. (That’s the downside of this city – but, not to worry, we get our own back in October when it’s flip flop weather again here). So I was heartily warmed to find these sunny pictures by photographer Penny Wincer. Doesn’t this look like the perfect way to spend an afternoon? Tea and cake by the sea…. (with adorable blue and white table settings to boot).

Beach scene 1

Beach scene 2

What I really love about these photos is that they’re so clean, vibrant and, well, present. By that I mean there’s no barrier between the viewer and the picture. I don’t feel as though I’m peeking at a fleeting, stolen moment. I feel like I could walk up and join the picnic.

Looking at some of Penny’s other work, you can see the same trait.

Color palette

These photos are a perfect study of color. Aren’t they absolutely mouthwatering? And you can see the honesty and simplicity in these shots too. We’re not being told to feel a certain way – we’re just enjoying the eye candy (at least, I am!).


Bedroom and bathroom


lamp and bag


And back to the cup of tea again…!

Photos via Era Management.