What a nice weekend surprise! I’ve been given a blog award by the hilarious and charming Bromeliad Living. If you haven’t read her blog yet, you absolutely must. She has the best sense of humor (and great taste too). Scroll down for the story about the ottoman…priceless.

Anyway, I’m honored that she thought of Four Walls and a Roof. I’m supposed to pass the award on so here goes. There are so many blogs that it’s tough to choose – I’m going to focus on the ones that I’ve learned the most from. Thank you!

The Deco Detective – for her fabulous links directory, comments and sheer originality

Peacock Feathers – for inspiring me to use color

Simplified Bee – for the thought and creativity that goes into every single post

Style Carrot – for giving me a serious case of blog envy

Ill Seen, Ill Said – because every single post is fabulous

Gorgeous Shiny Things – for wit and color

Dwellings and Decor – for endless supplies of great pictures

I’m sure many of these blogs have more awards than they can count, but, hey, how can one more hurt?!