I’ve finally done it. I’ve introduced some yellow into our house. If you recall from this post, yellow has been my nemesis for years. But, I’ve taken the plunge and bought……..

….a pillow and a poster.

I know, pathetic isn’t it? It’s just a color so why all the drama? But, before you give up on me for good, hear me out. I tried for ages to find a Chinese cabinet in bright yellow lacquer – to no avail. Then I realized it probably wasn’t smart to splash out a ton of money on something I might very well want to smuggle down to the cellar and bury among the recycling three months later. So I’ve take some baby steps instead. Here’s the result.


The poster in question is an original, advertising the 1963 movie Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. We found it in Westhampton. It’s a bit battered – it still has tape on the corners, presumably from when someone once stuck it to their bedroom wall. The pillow is from Target.

This is actually our sunroom – all the Edwardian houses in the area have this senselessly tiny room at the back of the house. It’s impossible to decorate and even harder to photograph. We use it as a playroom in the day and a kind of reading area in the evening (the toys are all stashed in the cube on the left and the baskets on the right). It has to be able to withstand a toddler hurling himself at full force around the place. (Yet another reason why a pricey chinese cabinet probably wasn’t a good idea – best to stick with the IKEA bookcase).

Anyway, so that’s my first foray into yellow. Hope you like it!