I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for chandeliers. I mean the great big, jaw-dropping, sparkly, bejewelled variety. The type that, even if you could afford them, you’re unlikely to have the kind of house that would suit them. I spent the first two years of living in this house planning to get one for our dining room, only to settle on the much simpler (and cheaper!) Nelson saucer bubble lamp from Room and Board. So, for now, my dreams of owning one are on hold.

But I can still appreciate the sheer romance of a truly breath-taking chandelier. Take a look at these beauties which, I think, show that an over-the-top chandelier can still be stylish, elegant and modern. The first two are both from SmartAlec.



Aaah, a chandelier in the bathroom. Is there any greater sign of luxury? I’m not one for baths with views, but even I could handle this room! Via Lolla Loves.


This turquoise chandelier hangs in the office of San Francisco designers Masucco Warner Miller. Quite frankly, I don’t think you need any more decor in a room that has this hanging from the ceiling, but to see what the rest of the space looks like, check out their fabulous portfolio here. Via Chinoiserie Chic.


This room is a magnet for magpies. Practically everything sparkles. Despite the fact that it could resemble the frosting on a little girl’s birthday cake, I love it. I think the symmetry prevents it from looking too sweet. Via Decorpad.


This dining room shows how you can take a traditional crystal chandelier and make it super clean-lined and modern. I love this sheer black shade: it looks as though it’s modestly covering up the ‘naked’ chandelier while still leaving a hint of what’s beneath. By Graham Atkins Hughes, Era Management, via Desire to Inspire.

dining room

This yellow and turquoise chandelier is just so cute. Shows that not all chandeliers have to be serious. Source unknown I’m afraid.

yellow and blue chandelier

This style of chandelier just evokes bygone eras. To work, it has to be a little tarnished though, like this one here. Via This is Glamorous.

blue room and chandelier

And finally, the chandelier I covet the most, a Swarovski blossom chandelier. This one’s from Gwyneth Paltrow’s house. Via Habitually Chic.


I’m still happy with my Nelson lamp. But, one day, there will be a glamorous chandelier, dripping with crystals, hanging over my dining table…