I know black walls have been a design trend for at least a year. But it still takes courage and conviction to decorate with black. I still can’t get over the fact I chose two black-framed mirrors for our house – I thought I was being so bold!

But I’ve come to realize that there are some lower-commitment ways to decorate with black. If you love the drama of black but don’t want a moody look, check out some of these ideas.

Glossy black wood door and window frames, with lots of white and a bit of glass, keep the space light.

black paint

Just a few pieces of black furniture, like this coffee table and bookshelf, allow you to dabble in black decor, without going the whole way.

black and pink

Even an entire wall in black wallpaper looks light when it is punctuated with an open doorway.

black wallpaper

A black armoire sets a classic tone for a white room decorated with black accents.

white room, black accents

Just a single piece of black and white fabric injects drama into this muted bedroom.

black pattern

Black walls are an easier option when you have lots of windows. I also like the cozy effect for an office. I like to think it would aid concentration!

black walls in study

I love black in kitchens against all that marble and chrome.

black kitchen

In bathrooms, it looks so decadent – even when you only use a tiny bit of black.

black bathroom

Talk about making a statement. Black doors and a simple black table make this otherwise all-white entryway fabulous. I love lilac accents (in this case the flowers) too.

black and white entry

A dramatic black and white canvas breathes life into a space.

black and white art

This room demonstrates solid commitment to black – but the soft textures (drapes, velvet sofa) make it more inviting.

black walls

This really pretty pendant looks great against the more austere black wall and stone fireplace.

black wall

Or reverse the look with a modern black pendant against a pretty backdrop of traditional white walls and fixtures.

black chandelier

I love the graphic appeal of a striped rug and lots of black picture frames.

black and white

If you don’t like the idea of painting a wall black, who could resist the luxe appeal of black wood?

black wood and copper pendant

With paneling it’s even more effective.

black and red

Or pick out an architectural feature – in this case the staircase – in black.

black staircase

Or how about switching things up and painting the wainscoting black and the upper walls white? It has the effect of grounding an almost white space.


Have you tried decorating with black? Do you still love it?


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