If you’ve read this blog for a while, then you’ll know I have a ‘thing’ about wallpaper. I’m drawn to the idea that, with a few dollars and a couple of hours’ work, I too could have trailing florals, rich chinoiserie, dramatic geometrics or sumptuous metallics on my walls. Trouble is, very little of these tempting wallcoverings ever make it into our house. That’s because I am hopelessly indecisive and, frankly, the knowledge that a decision would mean no more excuses to linger over wallpaper samples and web sites, makes me just want to avoid making choices altogether.

My usual haunts when looking for wallpaper inspiration are the likes of Osborne and Little, Romo, Cole and Son, Graham and Brown. So I was delighted to discover the site of Anna French the other day. Based in Scotland, Anna French designs lace, fabrics and wallcoverings. Her florals, beautifully drawn with rich colors and lots of metallics, are simply stunning. So much so, that I might actually be tempted to make a decision at last! So, for all those who, like me, love a bit of wallpaper eye candy, this post is for you.

Just think, you could unleash the true romantic in you with this design: ‘Bouquet’.

Experiment with the color combinations of ‘Damask’.

Introduce some ladylike glamor to your home with ‘Bird in the Bush’.

Enjoy the childish simplicity of polka dots with ‘Spot’.

Go for a bit of understated elegance with ‘Wisteria’.

Or sheer exuberance, with ‘Firework’.

And, my personal favorite, ‘Lavinia’, shown here in gold on veridian. (Wouldn’t you just love something in your house that you can describe as gold on veridian?!)

And if you want a peek at the fabric collection, check this out:

If you want to imbue your space with a sense of luxury, I say look no further than Anna French. As for me, I’m ordering my wallpaper samples right now…