The holidays are a magical time and, for the interiors-obsessed among us, an excuse to bring out the sparkle and indulge all our decorating whims without fear of going OTT. Now that I have children (well, one), we’ve started to make decorating the house a fun festive tradition in itself. So far we’ve decorated the tree, hung the wreath, wrapped the presents, strung fairy lights and silk flowers around the place and made a gingerbread house. This is also the time of year when perfectly sane adults enjoy humming carols, reading fairytales and watching Christmas movies (It’s a Wonderful Life again anyone?). Well, the Christmas spirit has clearly got to me because I’ve been mulling over the silliest of posts – the idea of looking at interiors that are reminiscent of the best-loved fairytales. And I don’t mean little girls’ bedrooms transformed into Cinderella coaches. I mean rooms that grown-ups could actually live in all year round (just about). Perhaps it’s because scattering glittery baubles around the house is only a step away from designing a scheme for the Snow Queen in Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but, well, if you can’t indulge your most extreme, fantastical design side at Christmas, when can you?! So here goes…

Speaking of the Snow Queen, if she lived in the real world, her home’s entry way would probably look like this (via Flickr).

If Hansel and Gretel found a real gingerbread house, the interior might look like this: a woodland cottage that’s good enough to eat (via Decorology).

The wicked stepmother in Snow White might sit here to ask: ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all’ (via Lucyina Moodie).

And this could be the house Snow White found in the woods (via Atelie Gaaya).

Who could blame Sleeping Beauty for not wanting to wake up if this is where she slept? (via This is Glamorous)

Cinderella might have found this the perfect perch for resting be-slippered feet between dances (via Living Etc).

The Princess and the Pea probably would have had a more comfortable night if she’d slept on this bed (via Flickr).

No wonder Goldilocks enjoyed poking round the Three Bears’ house: this chair is juuust right! (via This is Glamorous).

Little Red Riding Hood could have prepared her picnic for grandma in this kitchen (via Decorology).

Bambi might have gambolled through this forest-inspired room (ok, Bambi is more of a Disney cartoon than a fairytale but, hey, it suits this space by decorator Fawn Galli).

And Rapunzel might have gazed out of one of these windows (via This is Glamorous).

And pretty much any fairytale heroine could have reclined on this sofa… minus the leftover takeaway that is (via Atelie Gaaya).

Ok, that’s enough frivolity and nonsense. My new year’s resolution for 2010 is to write much more serious posts. Let’s see how long that lasts…!

Have a very happy holidays everyone.