On these cold winter days, we look for ways to make our homes more cozy and inviting. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn at the moment to images of spaces with lots of wood. I’m particularly attracted to warm woods with lots of texture. Even better if they have that sheen that comes from years of careful polishing. From individual pieces to entire walls and floors in beautiful wood, here are some of the images that have grabbed my attention lately.

The entire house in this post via Automatism is stunning, but this image appealed particularly. (Come to think of it, that’s probably because it looks so similar to my blog banner!)

I think this is my all-time favorite look: warm wood, neutral colors, white ceramics and a bit of sparkle. Via Smart Alec.

Love, love the idea of a stairway entirely in chunky wood. But I have to admit this image makes me want to shrief in a grandmotherly way: watch your footing in those socks, dear! Via Seen and Said.

These giant armoires are just beautiful. Via Bloesem.

A unique spin on the traditional wooden kitchen cabinet. This looks like it comes straight from an apothecary shop. Via Katy Elliott from the book Restoring a House in the City.

That piano is stunning and I love the organic shapes of the coffee table and Danish chair. By Amy Lau Design.

A really beautiful polished wood piece can bring all the pattern you need to a room. From Thomas O’Brien’s apartment, via Habitually Chic.

I love the quiet simplicity of this space. Via Make my Day.

Ok, this one is as much about the chair, pendant light and wallpaper as it is about the wood cabinet. Via Houzz.

I’m sure many enjoyable evenings have been spent round this table over the years. Via Decorology.