As usual, the latest issue of Lonny magazine is jam-packed full of rooms I just want to step into and soak up. If I could repost every single image here, I would, but I guess that would be, well, a little unimaginative.

But one thing stood out to me as a flipped through Lonny’s virtual pages: zigzags. They’re everywhere in this issue. Yup, we’ve been obsessed with zigzag rugs for a while but here they are on curtains, pillows, wallpaper, and even furniture! I can’t think of a better way to add a burst of energy to a room.

Yellow zigzag curtains are cheeky without being OTT – just like the ostrich wallpaper in this room.

What is that piece of furniture at the end of this stylish living room? A two-toned mirrored sideboard? Who cares – I want one!

Then there’s this almost-zigzag wallpaper, used to great effect in this master bedroom…

Doesn’t it look fabulous with the dark floors and white bedding?

Ah, the appeal of a flame stitch pillow in an otherwise calm and neutral room…

I love this room (first spotted on Bromeliad). I have the West Elm rug, so am of course already a fan. But it looks great here with the teal Louis chair. I have a Louis chair in our living room which needs reupholstering. I’m planning to do it in turquoise and so am heartened to see how great the combination could look.

Who knew the zigzag could be so versatile? How do you use the zigzag effect?