Ok, it’s time for another round-up of all-time favorite design pieces. This time: mirrors. When I was compiling this list I realized that I lean toward more ornate, glamorous mirrors. Perhaps its because of their ability to transform an otherwise ‘safe’ scheme into something altogether more fanciful and exotic. Perhaps it’s because I believe a fabulous mirror doesn’t just reflect light and create the illusion of space, but can also be a work of art in its own right. All of the following have a magical quality to them that tells you something about their owners.

Coco stick mirrors conjure up images of beach huts, sandy feet and easy living. At least, that’s what this space below says to me (from House Beautiful, via Ill Seen, Ill Said).

Ever on-the-ball, West Elm has just brought out its own version. Not too bad, eh?

Now, the ultimate luxury mirror in my opinion is the peacock feather mirror – this one’s from Wisteria. You only have to check out my blog header to know how much I love this look. The mirrored circles sparkle like over-sized sequins, while the textured metal surface gives the whole piece that vintage appeal. What’s more, it works equally well in a modern space as a traditional interior. Whatever the space is like, this mirror lends both glamor and charisma.

Bone inlay (and mother of pearl inlay) mirrors are another favorite because of their spectacular craftsmanship. Many of them are made in India and bring the romantic aesthetic of that country to a space. Graham and Green has an amazing selection of bone inlay mirrors and furniture.

For something altogether simpler, I like a round mirror like these below. It pulls a room together so effortlessly. I’ve used the image below before and don’t recall the source unfortunately. But I love how the clean lines of this mirror offset the ornate fireplace. I used the same technique at home by adding a simple round mirror to balance out a display of photos and ceramics on our dining room sideboard.

Here’s the same technique used again: an ornate bed and stools (more bone inlay!) contrasted with the simple mirror. From Domino.

At the other end of the scale, Venetian glass mirrors are anything but simple and clean-lined. But these mirrors are so pretty, almost like lace, they add a luxe element to any room. And what is it with Venetian glass and pink bathrooms? Maybe it’s their sugar-plum quality, but this has to be the perfect pairing! The first image here is from Domino.

And this one’s via A Life More Fabulous.

A more homely, toned down version of this look is the shabby chic white-framed mirror. Just one stand-out piece works well in a mostly-white scheme (via The City Sage):

Or an entire wall of smaller ones (via Kika Reichart).

Finally, what better way to add polish to a space than with a starburst mirror? These have a more upscale look but are anything but staid. Their shape adds energy and movement to even the most tailored room.

Via Dwellings and Decor.

Now it’s your turn. Anyone got any other favorites that should be on this list?