If you appreciate hand-crafted textiles and furniture, then you’re in for a treat at Niki Jones. This British-based web site is a relative newcomer and has just launched its second collection. There are mother-of-pearl inlaid cabinets, Javanese cushions, Moroccan rugs and embroidered headboards in shades of gray, gold and pink. There are butterflies, pompoms and sequins. There’s sheesham wood, pale nubby linen, glossy fucshia lacquer and rose-colored silk. It’s a little bit Anthropologie, a little bit Graham and Green – and browsing the collection is a bit like being a kid in a candy store.

Oh, and it’s not part of the new collection, but have you ever seen a bed as stunning as this?

Likewise, also from the previous collection, are these spice pots. These would look great in my new all-white kitchen (the one I will have one day when I get around to it, that is).

Although a British company, it will ship overseas. I wouldn’t like to see the cost of shipping a bed or dresser, but a small beaten metal bowl might be worthwhile… Meanwhile, enjoy all the eye candy at the Niki Jones site.