Now that it’s officially summer, many of us are turning our minds to vacation. Or maybe you’re already enjoying your sojourn in the sun? With a family in tow, we like to rent a house for a week or two in the summer so we can just kick back and relax in a home from home. Usually it’s within a three hour drive since any more time in the car with kids is more stressful than fun. But, if distance was not an issue (and money no object), here are some beautifully appointed places I’d relish staying in – all with more than a few design ideas to bring back home.

How about a glamorous apartment in the heart of Paris?

Or a rustic oceanside house in Greece?

Or a sun-soaked villa with a view in Provence, in the South of France?

Or maybe a farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy?

Perhaps an elegant townhouse in Venice is more your style?

Then again, why not push the boat out and pick this colorful home in Bali?

Well, have you found your dream home to stay in this summer?

Credit: all homes from this site.