I love stumbling across beautifully-designed ‘real’ homes on Flickr. So I’m crazy about this refreshingly eclectic place. It’s owned, and impeccably styled by Yvonne, who also blogs about her travels, family, crafts and home on her blog, Moline. Yvonne has lived in Germany, Istanbul and Mexico and her style is clearly influenced by all three locations. Yvonne was kind enough to let me post some images from her past and present homes.

For starters, isn’t this a glorious blue for a kitchen? The color was inspired by Yvonne’s time living in Mexico. I’m into the open shelves, mini pendant lights, tiles and extra-long cabinet hardware.

If you’re going to have open shelves in a kitchen, you’ve got to buy groceries that look like this.

Moroccan tea tray tables always look great, but this one, which happens to be Turkish, looks spectacular under this chandelier. What a great juxtaposition of styles.

Here a vintage champagne bottle holder has been converted into magazine storage/installation art. So cool!

More inspired styling – spring in letter and in spirit!

A great art wall looks even better over a geometric dresser.

Cozy sheepskin rugs on wicker chairs? That’s one way to ensure your home works as well in the winter as the summer.

We’ve all seen oversize maps used in kids’ rooms, but this looks particularly cute against the blue wall and with the patchwork bedding.

So much to love about this bathroom: the smooth modern tub and basin, sloping roof, low windows… It all spells peace and quiet.

I like the way this photo wall meanders up the stairs, with plenty of space for future pics.

These are hand-painted porcelain eggs, suspended to look like a chandelier. So beautiful…

If you like Yvonne’s style (and who wouldn’t?) she also has an Etsy store – check out the stunning bird and butterfly collages. I’m sorely tempted to buy one of the bird ones for our little boy’s nursery…