Welcome to the sumptuous, colorful, sophisticated world of photographer William Waldron’s portfolio. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a megastar of the photography world: Waldron has photographed the homes of many a celebrity and has graced the pages of the likes of Elle Decor numerous times. But, if only because we can all do with a glimpse at how the rich and famous live, I thought it worth another peek at his work!

You’ll recognize many of the shots in this post, I’m sure. But even if they’re new to you, hopefully you’ll enjoy the way he seems to make every space look so glamorous and other-wordly. This dining area’s glossy green walls and dappled light give an underwater feel.

Pink never looked so grown-up.

And the all-white rooms in his portfolio are positively shimmering with metallic and reflective surfaces.

All of which is, of course, helped by sky-high ceilings and over-size windows.

Waldron is definitely a photographer to check out if you feel like a glimpsing dose of the good life!