Do you still think of some spaces as ‘grown-up’? Maybe it’s just me, but every now and then I come across a room that exudes a certain refinement, elegance, taste and confidence that can only be described as grown-up. These spaces have no gimics, no attention-grabbing features, no whimsy (although they may have wit). They are somehow both effortless and aspirational. And they remind us of who we wanted to be when we were all grown-up.

Now, for the cynics out there, by ‘grown-up’ I don’t just mean ‘expensive’. Of course, these spaces all look expensive (and some probably are given that there are at least two celebrity homes here). It’s more to do with the sophisticated color palettes, rich textures and confident styling. Clearly, somewhere in my subconscience, grown-ups also have metallic fixtures and lots of velvet!

1 & 2 – Lonny Magazine, 3 – Automatism, 4 – Living Etc, 5 & 6 – Elle Decor (Monique L’Huillier and Kelly Hoppen’s homes).