The plans for our kitchen are starting to come together – although we still have a long way to go before we can start picking out fixtures and fittings. That hasn’t stopped my mind from wandering onto topics such as which backsplash to choose…

I didn’t really want to go with tiles as they can look rather traditional. But a backsplash of glass or steel seemed too plain, given that the cabinets and countertop will likely be white. The ideal option would be a Carrera marble countertop that extends up the wall to form a backsplash, but that’s out of the question for both practicality (it stains) and cost reasons.

Then I discovered the new range of tiles from Heath ceramics, with patterns designed by Dwell.

I think I may have found my solution – the Half Hex Mix. These are neutral and modern but have a little interest. The finish is matte, which is exactly what I wanted. There are several other equally enticing designs.

This is the Half Hex Stack.

And this is the Wide Hex Twist. There are many colors to choose from, although I like this selection here.

Fortunately, the Heath Ceramics showroom is right here in San Francisco (well, Sausalito) so I dropped by this weekend and wasn’t disappointed. Brought home 11 samples so surely there will be something there for us… Watch this space for the final decision.