Wow. It’s been weeks, months even, since I posted last.  Real life took over and I ended up with barely a moment to myself, let alone the time needed to blog. But it hasn’t all been hard work, travel, and family! I’ve actually been pretty busy with a few design projects. So I thought I’d end my blogging hiatus with a brief round-up.

Thank you’s and mentions

I’ve been honored to be featured on several fabulous blogs and web sites in the past few week. Natalie Myers of SoSmartalec, featured our house on Houzz. did a cute piece on our youngest son’s nursery.

And Alice in Designland featured a photo tour of our house. Thank you all for your kind mentions.

Our kitchen renovation

Believe it or not, we still haven’t broken ground on our renovation. But it’s close, I promise! Most of the design choices have been made. I’ve changed my ideas somewhat since this post. But, the core elements remain the same. I will provide more detail in later posts, but, for now, here’s the image that has been the cornerstone of inspiration (via this site).

Yes, I know, it’s not a kitchen. But here’s what I like: it combines period architecture with mid-century and modern furniture and elegant neutral colors. It’ll be great, honestly…. As a sneak preview, here’s the color palette.

There’s silver travertine (for the backsplash tiles), white quartz, walnut shelves, matte white cabinets, and flint tile flooring. The palette has moved on since my last post on this topic, the reason being that I decided to stay more in keeping with the period architecture of the house, while still creating a contemporary look.

I’ve also been working on some designs for friends, family and readers. Oh, and our company is planning a new office so that’s at the back of my mind too.

So it’s been busy round here. But at least there will be lots to update on in the next few weeks. Watch this space…