If truth be told, I’m a little scared of house plants. I think it’s the commitment required. Plants often come with a sizable price tag, they need caring for, and there’s always the possibility that they’ll become too big or just start dropping leaves. It can also be hard to choose a plant that fits your style and that you won’t tire of. But, if you can handle all that, they’re worth it. Not only do plants bring a beautiful sculptural element into your space, but it is said they remove toxins, reduce noise and alleviate stress too. What’s not to love?

So, for other plant-phobes out there, here are three easy ways to introduce stylish greenery into your home.

1. The plant of designers: the fiddle-leaf fig



Dark gray living room walls with plants

I haven’t done the research, but I bet that if you leafed (sorry) through the past five years of Elle Decor, the most frequently-sighted plant would be a fiddle-leaf fig. It’s a clear favorite with interior designers because of its sculptural qualities. With large glossy leaves, it works in modern and classic schemes, as well as those with an artistic or global vibe. It always makes a statement.. (Photos 1 and 2 above by William Waldron via Elle Decor; photo 3 via RDuJour)

2. Splendid succulents


Via Haus Design. Anyone can grow a succulent. Well, anyone that doesn’t live in Alaska that is. I was converted into a fan of succulents after planting a few in terracotta pots in our garden – and watching them develop into interesting shapes and colors throughout the year (with barely any effort from me). Indoors, they make striking table centers, windowsill arrangements or even wall decor. They’re fun for kids to look after too.


The table setting above is actually from a wedding. If you are still unconvinced about the beauty of succulents, take a look at the photos of this stunning event, via photographer Stephanie Williams’ site. You won’t be disappointed. As a taster, look: succulents even make gorgeous bouquets and hair adornments!


3. If in doubt, arrange some leafy branches


Via Bromeliad. I’m sure my third tip will be met with derision as it’s not technically about plants. But, if you crave some greenery and are strictly low-commitment, an arrangement of leaves and branches is a great option. Much more modern and effortless than a floral display, these bursts of greenery can really inject life into a scheme.


Via Canadian House and Home. Whether in a contemporary or traditional setting, a simple glass vase with a branch of bright green leaves is an easy way to add energy, height and interest.

Any other tips for those of us without green thumbs?