I’m Lucy. I’m a Brit living in San Francisco with my husband and two sons. A full-time PR executive, I also love everything to do with interior design. I am currently living in, and constantly redecorating, an Edwardian single family house in the city. This blog is about my design discoveries and dilemmas, as I turn our house into a home.

We bought our house in summer 2006 – just a few months before the real estate market crashed (not good). So we’re here for a while. Luckily we love it. When we moved in, the house was dark and gloomy (despite having 26 windows!) because of all the poorly-lacquered gum wood panelling. We worked our way through several gallons of paint, converting everything that was brown into white. Then we used several more to cover the magnolia walls with a more personal color choice (having lived for three years in a rental that felt like the inside of an ice-cream tub I needed a change). We brought in a removal truck’s worth of IKEA furniture (again, from the rental) and have been slowly adding pieces we found in San Francisco since then. Here are a few pics of our place now.

Living room

neutral dining room saarinen table

family room zigzag rug cherner chair





Bedroom mirror


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