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I’m spotting gorgeous white rooms everywhere I look these days. Maybe it’s a January thing – fresh new beginnings and all that. But these snowy palettes are definitely speaking to me. Here are three of the very best – each of them illustrates perfectly how to keep a whiter-than-white space from looking like the inside of a refrigerator.

Wood tones and textures

A live edge coffee table, squashy leather chair and patterned rug (is that hide patchwork?) signal lived-in comfort against that white backdrop. By designer Kelly Behun via Desire to Inspire.

Glamorous gold

Gold is a great way to warm up white – yet it still reads as a neutral. More to the point, though, an utterly glamorous ceiling takes any chill out of the white. Ornate crown molding, wallpaper or a darker shade of paint on the ceiling would achieve a similar, if less dramatic, effect. Via Residence Magazine.

Brick and stone

Raw brick and polished concrete are all this black and white kitchen need to feel characterful. Of course, it’s not an easy to replicate if your place doesn’t already have these features. But a stone tiled floor or even wall with lots of texture can achieve the same effect. The lighting in the recess above the stove helps too – pools of light seem so much more inviting that a completely even glow. By photographer Stuart McIntyre.

Three gorgeous spaces – I’d live in any of them.


What a nice surprise I received this morning: Four Walls and a Roof has been nominated for a Homies award. While I started blogging (almost a year ago) purely as a way to explore a passion for design, it’s the community of other bloggers that has kept me going even when there seems so little time in the day between work and family. It’s so great to know that people share your interests and enjoy your perspective – even when you’re critical of your own efforts!

There are so many wonderful blogs on this list that I could be kept busy all day just checking them all out. If you have time (and would like to!) feel free to vote for FWR here. At the very least, go and check out the list and give some recognition to all the other great bloggers out there!

It’s been a while since I was here. I’ll explain later, but I’ve been rather preoccupied lately, so I’ve been neglecting the blog. Thanks to everyone who stuck around so patiently! I really appreciate it and promise to be a better blogger from now on!

And thanks also to two very generous bloggers who bestowed awards on Four Walls and a Roof in the past week. I hardly deserve it right now. But I’m very honored – thank you!

First, thanks to Simplified Bee for giving me the One Lovely Blog award.


I love reading Simplified Bee. Every post has so many ideas and so much thought. I especially like all the stylish ideas for kids rooms. Check it out if you can. Now I have to pass it on to five other blogs, so I’m nominating:


Apartment 34

This is Glamorous

From the Right Bank

Abbey Goes Design Scouting

Then Struggling to be Stylish nominated me for an Honest Scrap award.


Like me, Struggler is a Brit in the Bay area so I love all her posts comparing British and American design. Her blog is so funny, it’s a true diversion.

The Honest Scrap award requires me to 1) thank and link to the award-giver (check!) 2) share 10 honest things about myself 3) present the award to 7 other blogs and tell them the rules. Phew. So, for the honesty part, as this is a design blog, I decided to share 10 design confessions. Here goes:

1. I choose wall paint colors that won’t require me to repaint the ceiling (lazy!)

2. I am slightly addicted to pillows but won’t have more than two in any room (so there are lots of discarded ones in cupboards around our home)

3. I have absolutely no idea what to do with ‘nick nacks’. I mean, how do you arrange anything smaller than a six inches tall and have it look good?

4. I find it impossible to choose floor coverings: I take about 10 months on average to choose a rug

5. I love color so much that sometimes I ‘read’ paint chips instead of a book (that one really is bad)

6. I use ‘practical needs’ (like: ‘we need to ensure the house is warm for winter’) to justify aesthetic purchases (in the example here, that was to buy a new lamp for the living room!)

7. Given the choice between touching up chipped paintwork or buying a piece of furniture to cover the marks, I’d choose the latter every time

8. I am a little afraid of house plants – I fear I’ll go off them after a few weeks

9. I mentally redecorate other people’s houses

10. I still read Living Etcs from 2005 and I miss Domino like an old friend

Wow, that was quite cathartic! Do any of these sound familiar to you? Anybody got any more bizarre design-related confessions?

And, in the spirit of the award, here’s who I’d like to give the Honest Scrap award to:

Simplified Bee (right back at ya!)

Bromeliad Living

Ill Seen, Ill Said

Danish Dessert

Fifi Flowers Design

I’d definitely be eager to hear what all these fabulous bloggers have to say!

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