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I watched Frost/Nixon last night and was surprised to discover some great interiors in the movie. A lot of attention has been given to how faithfully the set designers were able to replicate certain interiors, especially that of the house where the famous interviews took place. But, what I hadn’t appreciated until reading about the making of the movie, was how difficult it was to evoke the sense of 1977, without allowing the interiors to distract from the plot.

I was particularly taken by the design of the Beverly Hilton hotel where Frost’s team stayed during the interviews. Here are a couple of shots of the living area, from the Set Decorators’ Society of America magazine.

Hilton suite

Hilton suite

Ok, it’s a bit overbearing for your average living room. But look at that wallpaper! I like it with the Asian screens and dining chairs. Funnily enough, that chandelier in the corner is exactly like the one we just took down in our dining room. It came with the house and didn’t fit the rest of the decor. It looks rather good in this setting though. If anyone wants to buy one of these, I have one going cheap!

Hilton suite

Here’s a close-up from the movie trailer. Of course, it helps if your evening dress matches the wallpaper! I actually quite like the light fitting too (just seen behind Rebecca Hall).

Hilton bedroom

It’s hard to find a good shot of the master bedroom but this one via Perspective, the Art Directors’ Guild magazine gives a good sense of the style. There’s also a picture of the designer Susan Benjamin’s sample board for the room.

Sample board

Again, the wallpaper plays a starring role. The red lamps are also rather impressive, as is the multi-faceted dresser.

Finally, the interior of the plane Frost takes to meet Nixon (and where he meets Caroline Cushing) deserves a mention.

Plane interior

While I can’t say I’ve ever been on a plane with quite such a spacious lounge, doesn’t this remind you just a little of a Virgin Atlantic plane?! Very cool graphic on the far wall (designed, specifically for the movie).


Perhaps it’s because of the hot weather, but I’ve been thinking about beach houses (well, the beach in general actually). I’ve been wanting to do some posts about amazing movie interiors, so what better place to start than the most stunning beach house of all: the one in Something’s Gotta Give.

Something’s Gotta Give, with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, has been one of the most talked-about movies from an interior design perspective ever. Keaton’s city home was pretty special, but her beach house was just amazing. Some argue that it set the bar for Hamptons style. There are literally dozens of blog posts about the house, but one of the most helpful I found was on interior design blog, Surroundings.

To remind you, here’s what the house looked like (via Surroundings).

Something's Gotta Give living room

Something's Gotta Give - reading nook

Something's Gotta Give - kitchen

How to get the look

To me, this look is more about the colors and architectural details than about the individual furnishings. For example, a major defining characteristic is contrast of light and dark, with the all-white walls, moldings and cabinetry against the dark wood floors, tables, chairs and kitchen countertops. This is a look that works in pretty much any home, but is particularly effective here because of all the interesting architectural details.

Although some additional color is introduced in the drapes, rugs and sofas, it’s still all very muted – the designers have layered pale coastal-inspired blues and sandy yellows.

But what makes this house feel so personal is the use of texture. The drapes are all linen, the rug a beachy woven stripe, the furnishings a mix of cotton slipcover, wicker and polished wood. If you look carefully, you see that the book shelves are even backed in bead and board.

Then there’s the use of art, books and careful lighting – all of which make the house seem really cozy. Quite a feat really, considering it’s actually a movie set. Apparently, the set designers even sprayed sunscreen around just before anyone walked on set – to evoke that real-life beachy feel!

More tips here from Surroundings and also the Set Decorators Society of America. For those based in San Francisco, the SF Examiner had a few tips on bringing the Hamptons to the Bay Area.

More inspiration

If you’re looking for more beach house inspiration, try these tempting pics:

Marjie’s coastal cottage, via Apartment Therapy.

AT coastal cottage

From Apartment Therapy’s ‘modern lake houses’ post.

Lake house

This Portland beach house is from Design*Sponge.

Portland beach house

And this house is in Sydney, Australia (via Desire to Inspire).

Syndney beach house

This photo is by Catherine Gratwicke and is via Desire to Inspire.

Beach house

These next two are from LivingEtc.

Beach house

Beach house

These last two are from Coastal Living.

Beach house

Beach house

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