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I’m always inspired by the ingenuity of lighting fixture designs. A lamp or pendant light is like art and can make or break a space. But these Roofer lights by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian are so cute and versatile that they’d work in both grand and modest spaces alike.

roofer light green

The green is great fun (imagine it with brass accents or against a fresh white interior). But I would probably go for the gray.

Roofer light black

The Armadillo light by LZF  is another shingled design. The shingles are arranged more irregularly, giving this light a quirkier feel. This cherry red is the perfect color for the style.

Armadillo light

Anyone spotted any other shingled designs I missed?


pink velvet pillows

I’ve totally fallen for these hand-dyed pink velvet pillows from Kirsten Hecktermann. I just bought two of them in Persian Green for our new family room (spotted on Remodelista). They look great – they have a vintage feel because of the variations in the dye. But now I want a whole array of them in these gorgeous berry and watermelon shades. Hmm, not sure the boys of the house would be too happy if I covered the place in pink cushions though…

This is for those of you who are passionate about color. Christian Zuzunaga is a graphic artist who uses pixels to create stunning visual designs, usually representations of cityscapes.

Zuzunaga’s designs have been turned in various textiles, including rugs, scarves and cushions, many of which are available for purchase in his online store. My favorite are these cushions. Such a simple concept yet it needs flawless execution and artistry to work – both of which these textiles clearly have. There are several collections: Fire, Soul, Spirit, Luna, Venus and Mercury. I’d opt for the warm and harmonious tones of the Soul collection (above and below):

Zuzunaga has also designed unique textiles for brands such as Ligne Roset and exhibited his work in galleries as prestigious as the Tate Gallery.

If you’d like a little pixel art in your living room, this is an affordable and unique option. Personally, I will be finding a space for the cherry red and pink versions as soon as possible…

One of the things keeping me busy this summer was an amazing vacation in Virginia where the boys enjoyed all sorts of traditional ‘boy’ activities such as crabbing, fishing, building sandcastles, foraging for bugs (of which there were plenty) and the like. Meanwhile, the girls, took advantage of being officially in the South and escaped to the local quilting store.

Now, I’m no quilt expert (in fact, I can barely sew on a button), but I know a piece of textile art when I see one. So you can imagine how pleased I was, on my return, to find an email introducing me to a fabulous online textile store, Darjeeling Cotton.

This is my favorite of the patchwork quilts on offer. Bold, simple colors and a classic design that would look great in a girl’s bedroom or even in a modern family room.

The handblock quilts are also stunning. I particularly like the Crimson Buti range (above).

The Flower Garden design (above) is a little more traditional but would be stunning against white sheets. Indian handblock prints are very ‘of-the-moment’ – and for good reason. They look fresh, authentic and pretty, while giving any space an eclectie, personal touch.

Best of all,  for every quilt sold Darjeeling Cotton donates $12 toward educating a child in a developing country. So you can feel good while indulging in something beautiful for your home…

Are you over Ikat prints yet? If the big furniture retailers are anything to go by, far from it. Ikat-inspired patterns are still sprouting up everywhere – not least on some pretty stylish sofas.

I’m a fan of this sofa from Wisteria, made from one-of-a-kind bridal rugs.

Good old West Elm, of course, has its own version. The print that it actually calls Ikat is less inspiring, however, than this paisley one for the Essex sofa. It still has that ethnic appeal but is slightly more subtle.

Urban Outfitters has had Ikat chairs for a while, but they are obviously in high demand as it now has a bigger – and brighter – collection. I like this one in Indigo, but you should check out Watermelon, Sundown and Peacock for a mouth-watering selection of colors.

Maybe I should still find a spot for some Ikat somewhere…

I’m always attracted by unusual and imaginative pieces of furniture. But how cool is this jewellery-inspired table? And I guess you could reconfigure the pieces how you like, as the mood takes you.

Spotted on Emma’s Design Blogg, it’s from Swedish furniture brand, the home company.

So inspiring…

I’m not usually a huge fan of wallpaper or fabric geared entirely to kids, but the Zagazoo collection from Osborne & Little is utterly charming. It’s designed by Quentin Blake, the children’s book author and illustrator. His books have such a distinctive style that this range is bound to transport you to your own childhood (well, certainly if you grew up in England). My older son now has a couple of his books, including Cockatoos, which inspired this wallpaper – one of my favorites in the collection.

By the way, doesn’t this look like a humorous, kid-friendly riff on this rather more grown-up wallpaper?

I also love the adorably-named Butterfly Meadow:

And the delightful Menagerie design:

For something truly original, how about ‘All Join In’, which is described on supplier Fabrics and Papers‘ site as depicting ‘children and flustered adults playing with instruments in a musical mayhem of all colors’? (Definitely been there!)

There’s even an alphabet and numbers design which looks great with its chalkboard-like black background:

All of the designs are available as wallpaper and fabric and in various colors.

So, which story from your childhood would you like to see rendered as wallpaper? Presumably not ‘Where the Wild Things are’? Not sure I could handle the colors in ‘Goodnight Moon’ either! Any suggestions?

I just spotted this beauty in the window of Jonathan Adler. Stunning, sculptural shell-shaped lamps. What better way to cling on to the last vestiges of summer?

I’m obsessed. Maybe this is finally the lamp to replace our IKEA stand-ins (which we’ve had for seven years, mind you) in the master bedroom? That said, I’m also rather keen on these new ones from West Elm, also shell-inspired (it’s tiled capiz) but for a fraction of the price:

Hmm, decisions decisions…

I just love these unusual tables (if you can call them that) by Italian designer, Giancarlo Zema (found via here).

This innovative collection is called ‘Bright Woods’ because they’re lit from within by LED lights. That’s right, those white stripes are fabulous, glowing streams of light, set against the most gorgeously smooth and tactile, polished wood. They look like something straight off the set of Avatar. Here’s what they look like without the light.

I think they’re beautiful either way. While they probably wouldn’t work in my Edwardian house (!), I have to say that I find them irresistible. Perhaps that’s because they look like over-sized chocolate swirls! Or maybe I’m drawn to alien life-forms as furniture? Either way, they’re definitely unique.

It’s no secret that I love inlaid furniture. My ideal bedroom would probably be completely white except for a stand-out dresser in intricate inlay. As it is, I have to make do with my beloved mother-of-pearl inlay mirror… Anyway, I’m always looking for new sources for this type of product so was thrilled to hear from a young firm called Sang and Serena, which imports absolutely beautiful inlay furniture and accessories from Rajasthan.

The site is fun to browse even if you’re not in the market for furniture, in part because of the edgy product shots.

Prices range from $289 for a bone inlay tray to $2799 for a mother-of-pearl dresser. I happen to think it’s worth it because all the pieces display wonderful craftsmanship and would no doubt be future heirlooms.

Best of all, the collection has pieces in four enticingly-named colors: Opium (black), ember (gray), paneer (white) and lotus (pink). Yes, pink! If only I had space for a pink mother-of-pearl inlay dresser!

Of course the big downside of bone inlay furniture specifically is that it’s, well, bone. But this site only has products with bone from camels that have already died of natural causes. If you still don’t like the idea of it, the mother-of-pearl option might be more palatable. Personally, my preference is for mother-of-pearl anyway – I love its opalescence.

This is Sang and Serena’s first collection, so I’m excited to see what comes next. I’m wishing for benches and stools and maybe a range of products in sky blue…

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