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Have you discovered the 1st Dibs Photo Archive yet? What an amazing resource. It’s a gallery of photos from some of the most accomplished interiors photographers in the world (including the likes of Tim Street-Porter and Paul Costello). But the best part is that you can click on any photo and ‘shop the look’ with a wide selection of pieces from 1st Dibs that are similar to those in the photo.

For example, remember this room in Domino (RIP) magazine?


And here’s the accompanying 1st Dibs shopping list:

Because the photographers featured are world-class, you’ll recognize many of the photos from your favorite upscale shelter magazines. If, like me, you couldn’t get enough of Ellen Pompeo’s house in Elle Decor, for example, you’ll love this:

Here’s Pompeo’s living room, shot by Tim Street-Porter:


And now the 1st Dibs version:


Of course, the catch is that all this 1st Dibs wondrousness obviously comes with a 1st Dibs price tag to match. So, even if you find everything you need to create your own celebrity living room, you still need to figure out how to pay for it! But, one step at a time, eh?


I don’t know about you, but one of the small pleasures I look forward to every month is the arrival of Living Etc in the stores. Of course, here it’s usually several weeks after the magazine comes out in the UK, but that’s beside the point. This month, however, I was more than a little surprised to see the cover was based on this extremely familiar image:

Don’t we all have this room embedded on our memories from when it appeared in Domino in 2007? At first I thought it was a stock image from an agency, perhaps being used as part of a shopping or styling story. But no, it’s actually the dining room of Laura Vincent Poole, whose North Carolina home was featured as the magazine’s cover story.

Is it me, or is it rather odd for a major league magazine like Living Etc to run the same cover story as another (albeit folded) magazine did a few years earlier? If you recall, Poole’s house made the cover of Domino too (and, subsequently, the Domino book).

It’s the same photos, originally styled for Domino by Dara Caponigro, including the one that was used on Domino’s cover. (Photos are by the talented Laura Resen, whose impeccable work I’ll post on later…)

Don’t get me wrong. I love Living Etc. In fact, I’ve bought almost every issue since it launched. And I absolutely love this house, from the de Gournay wallpaper and retro sideboard combo in the cover image, to the smaller details such as this red and white plate wall:

The mixture of wood, marble and colored glass in the kitchen:

And the juxtaposition of Asian, Moroccan and French elements in the living room.

I know that magazines rely on stories sold by agencies and I have no problem with the model. But recycled cover stories? I guess I just expect a little more from what is arguably one of the finest magazines for accessible modern interiors today.

What do you think? Am I being unfair or would you like to have seen something else on the cover?

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