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One of the things keeping me busy this summer was an amazing vacation in Virginia where the boys enjoyed all sorts of traditional ‘boy’ activities such as crabbing, fishing, building sandcastles, foraging for bugs (of which there were plenty) and the like. Meanwhile, the girls, took advantage of being officially in the South and escaped to the local quilting store.

Now, I’m no quilt expert (in fact, I can barely sew on a button), but I know a piece of textile art when I see one. So you can imagine how pleased I was, on my return, to find an email introducing me to a fabulous online textile store, Darjeeling Cotton.

This is my favorite of the patchwork quilts on offer. Bold, simple colors and a classic design that would look great in a girl’s bedroom or even in a modern family room.

The handblock quilts are also stunning. I particularly like the Crimson Buti range (above).

The Flower Garden design (above) is a little more traditional but would be stunning against white sheets. Indian handblock prints are very ‘of-the-moment’ – and for good reason. They look fresh, authentic and pretty, while giving any space an eclectie, personal touch.

Best of all,  for every quilt sold Darjeeling Cotton donates $12 toward educating a child in a developing country. So you can feel good while indulging in something beautiful for your home…

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