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I’m always drawn to modern white spaces with the simple, uncluttered look. But, at the same time, I know if I lived in one I’d long for a splash of color and a more casual vibe. This house is, to me, the perfect compromise. The combination of white gloss, horizontal lines and low-slung furniture with characterful accessories in fresh pink and green is just stunning. It would feel like summer year-round in this house, wouldn’t it? (From Micasa Revista via Achados de Decoracao).

The key to this space is the styling. The essentials are all neutral but it’s the pillows, blanket and flowers that inject color. The boxy sofas are tastefully restrained but the tropical print cushion and the chartreuse floor pillows just say ‘relax’.

A glimpse of the kitchen shows it’s just as minimal, with glossy white cabinets and a stainless steel hood. The use of drawers instead of traditional cabinets creates more horizontal lines to echo the living area’s low-key, loungy feel.

I love these blue-gray light shades in the kitchen. I bet those bar stools actually live on the other side of the island though and are just placed there for the photo…

This bedroom actually has many of the things I tend to steer clear of: very low beds, multiple pillows, teeny tiny rugs… But the effect here, in the context of the rest of the space, is great. And that color palette again!

Now this is a bathroom to hang out in! Huge limestone tiles and sleek white drawers create yet more of those horizontal lines. And, yet again, it’s balanced with a little bit of handcrafted character in the form of the crochet basket and perfume bottles.

Although it looks effortless and laid back, this space is actually a triumph in attention to detail. The fact that there’s so much continuity from room to room no doubt adds to the relaxed feel. And the fresh colors and abundant light make this place almost as good as being outdoors on a summer’s day. Almost!


I thought I’d provide a quick round-up of some of the pics that most inspired me this week from some of my favorite design blogs. Enjoy.

This is from Apartment Therapy‘s post on Paul Raeside‘s interiors photography. I love the colors and the tiled wall.

Paul Raeside

Door Sixteen has a great post on designer Frederic Mechiche’s loft. She’s absolutely right, this loft is stunning from every angle.


Casapinka has a hilarious post on her two year-old son’s pole dancing habit (you need to read it). But the pics she chooses to accompany it are great too. I love these two in particular. Look at that chandelier in the first one. And the colors in the second are just so fresh and cheerful.

Living room

Living room

Decorology is always a fabulous source of interiors inspiration. I like the warm, sunny hallway in the photo below.


Craft and Creativity‘s photostream in Flickr has some really pretty interior shots. I like the way this vase looks against the floral wallpaper.


Finally, A Room Somewhere posts about Ruby + Stella‘s pillows. I love this shot – great choice of colors. I’d love this in our bedroom.

Stella + Ruby

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