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I bought some coral-colored parrot tulips the other day. As I watched them change from bright orange on the first day to faded apricot at the end of their life, I was reminded of how amazing coral can look in an interior scheme. It’s been a sadly neglected hue in the past few years, but recently I’ve spotted a few rooms that combine coral with totally-now gray – to fantastic effect.

This was Coco and Kelley’s room of the week recently.

The splashes of orangey-coral look great against the neutrals and grays. This would work well in both summer and winter.

This coral bench is a good way to punch up the delicate grays of the sofa, wallpaper and flooring. Via Peacock Feathers.

This coral borders on orange but the tones are still soft rather than citrus-y. Via Style at Home.

Remember this outfit-to-room story from Domino? I was reminded it of it looking through an old issue recently. This coral has pinkish tones and, with wool, fur, felt and tweed, makes a cozy space for winter.

Looking through my files I also found this coral and gray montage from Coco and Kelley last year. If you needed proof that these colors are fabulous together, here it is…

(Tulip photo by my husband).


I’ve been drawn to a lot of spaces with stunning ethnic rugs recently. I’ve never been into the ‘global’ style but I’m beginning to think I could change my mind. There are so many options, from Mexican to Turkish to Asian rugs, and they give a room such a sense of character and history. Of course the major obstacle to buying one has been price. But now that more stores are carrying affordable versions, it’s starting to become an option.

First up, this stunning pink, blue and gray rug spotted on Slipcover Your Life.

My sister sent me this picture. I don’t know the source but I love the colors and the impact of this pink and orange rug.

Patterned rugs don’t have to be bright colors either. I love the soft blue-grays in this image. Photo by Patric Johansson.

Every stone floor should have a rug like this. Via House of Turquoise.

This one looks bang up to date with crisp black and white. Via Desire to Inspire.

Neutral room + amazing rug = effortless style. Via Design Evolution.

Even in a small room, a tiny patterned rug adds character, without being crowded. Via Smart Alec.

Now all I have to do is find one I can afford!

I was struck recently by this photo, by Petrina Tinslay. What a perfect image! That sky is just glorious. You couldn’t help but relax here.

Petrina Tinslay

It made me want a room with this combination of rosy pink, amber and deep violet. I found a few that are similar.

Pink bedroom

Via Pink Wallpaper.

Pink and yellow

Pink and yellow

Both via Peacock Feathers.

Lucyina Moodie

By stylist Lucyina Moodie.

Pink and yellow

Via This is Glamorous.


Via Light Locations.

Anybody found any more? I have a feeling this is going to turn into quite the quest.

Oh, orange you tricky color, you.

You have me all confused.

I like your zesty brightness,

But you’re the boldest hue I’ve used.

Tim Evans-Cook

I’m tempted by your playfulness,

You always make me smile.

But once I’ve put you on my walls,

Will your cheeky looks just rile?

Orange doors

I felt my heart strings tug,

when I saw you on these doors.

Then I saw you on this graphic rug,

And now I want you on my floors.


These orange rooms have caught my eye,

Now I can see your beauty.

And these stunning window treatments

Just have me feeling fruity.

Orange blinds

With white, you make mouths water,

With blue, you simply pop,

But it’s with hot pink or purple

That you make my poor heart stop.

Las Alamandas

Oh orange, what memories you bring.

You inspire some blissful thoughts:

Of fireflies on summer nights,

Mai Tais, Tandoor ovens, bitter orange tortes.

Las Alamandas

But you demand commitment,

Once you go orange, you don’t go back.

I wonder, will I stay the course,

Or will my resolve soon crack?


Is this just a seasonal thing,

Inspired by sunny days?

Perhaps this is a summer fling?

In winter I’ll want my bluey-grays.

Daniel Farmer

I’d like you in my toddler’s room

To give his walls a boost.

But will you make him race around,

like a cup of orange juice?


If I woke to find you in my room,

You’d quench my morning thirst.

But what if I’m hungover?

Will you make it worse?

Orange bedroom

I’d like to put you in my kitchen.

They say orange causes appetite.

But I’m afraid I’d eat too much,

And make my jeans too tight.

Orange kitchen

Orange brings out my true style:

Be it rustic, mod or mid-century.

But if I get it badly wrong,

They’ll think it’s 1970.


The blogs are full of great ideas

On how to make it work.

But this constant indecision

Is driving me beserk.

Orange living room

You made me write this poem.

See, I’ve really lost my cool.

But if this dreadful love turns sour,

Will you make me look a fool?

Polly Wreford

It’s clear I have an orange crush.

It’s crazy how I feel.

I think I know why this has happened:

Let’s face it, you have zest appeal.


Happy Monday! 😉

Photo credits:

1 – Tim Evan-Cook; 2 – Unknown; 3 & 4 – LivingEtc; 5 & 6 – Las Alamandas Hotel in Mexico; 7 – Habitat Hanalei; 8 – Daniel Farmer; 9 – via Apartment Therapy; 10 – Brugge Bed and Breakfast; 11 & 12 – LivingEtc; 13 – Tchochkes; 14 – Polly Wreford; 15 – my husband took this one!

My other half is trying out more of his macro photography technique (not exactly sure what that is, but I like the end result – especially because it gives me an excuse to splurge on flowers!) Here’s the latest subject: multicolored parrot tulips. I think these photos are pretty good. In fact, I’m thinking of printing them onto a roller blind for our bathroom, but I’m not sure if he can handle this much flower every day!



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