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pink velvet pillows

I’ve totally fallen for these hand-dyed pink velvet pillows from Kirsten Hecktermann. I just bought two of them in Persian Green for our new family room (spotted on Remodelista). They look great – they have a vintage feel because of the variations in the dye. But now I want a whole array of them in these gorgeous berry and watermelon shades. Hmm, not sure the boys of the house would be too happy if I covered the place in pink cushions though…


One of the things keeping me busy this summer was an amazing vacation in Virginia where the boys enjoyed all sorts of traditional ‘boy’ activities such as crabbing, fishing, building sandcastles, foraging for bugs (of which there were plenty) and the like. Meanwhile, the girls, took advantage of being officially in the South and escaped to the local quilting store.

Now, I’m no quilt expert (in fact, I can barely sew on a button), but I know a piece of textile art when I see one. So you can imagine how pleased I was, on my return, to find an email introducing me to a fabulous online textile store, Darjeeling Cotton.

This is my favorite of the patchwork quilts on offer. Bold, simple colors and a classic design that would look great in a girl’s bedroom or even in a modern family room.

The handblock quilts are also stunning. I particularly like the Crimson Buti range (above).

The Flower Garden design (above) is a little more traditional but would be stunning against white sheets. Indian handblock prints are very ‘of-the-moment’ – and for good reason. They look fresh, authentic and pretty, while giving any space an eclectie, personal touch.

Best of all,  for every quilt sold Darjeeling Cotton donates $12 toward educating a child in a developing country. So you can feel good while indulging in something beautiful for your home…

I’m always drawn to modern white spaces with the simple, uncluttered look. But, at the same time, I know if I lived in one I’d long for a splash of color and a more casual vibe. This house is, to me, the perfect compromise. The combination of white gloss, horizontal lines and low-slung furniture with characterful accessories in fresh pink and green is just stunning. It would feel like summer year-round in this house, wouldn’t it? (From Micasa Revista via Achados de Decoracao).

The key to this space is the styling. The essentials are all neutral but it’s the pillows, blanket and flowers that inject color. The boxy sofas are tastefully restrained but the tropical print cushion and the chartreuse floor pillows just say ‘relax’.

A glimpse of the kitchen shows it’s just as minimal, with glossy white cabinets and a stainless steel hood. The use of drawers instead of traditional cabinets creates more horizontal lines to echo the living area’s low-key, loungy feel.

I love these blue-gray light shades in the kitchen. I bet those bar stools actually live on the other side of the island though and are just placed there for the photo…

This bedroom actually has many of the things I tend to steer clear of: very low beds, multiple pillows, teeny tiny rugs… But the effect here, in the context of the rest of the space, is great. And that color palette again!

Now this is a bathroom to hang out in! Huge limestone tiles and sleek white drawers create yet more of those horizontal lines. And, yet again, it’s balanced with a little bit of handcrafted character in the form of the crochet basket and perfume bottles.

Although it looks effortless and laid back, this space is actually a triumph in attention to detail. The fact that there’s so much continuity from room to room no doubt adds to the relaxed feel. And the fresh colors and abundant light make this place almost as good as being outdoors on a summer’s day. Almost!

My brother-in-law and his wife became the proud parents of a little girl this week (their first baby). So, in honor of the occasion, this post is devoted to all things girly in interior design: it celebrates baby pink and bubblegum pink, frills and flounces, feminine shapes and floral patterns. And, why not, I say?! Besides, what better way to usher in the spring than with the color of cherry blossom? Enjoy.

Via This is Glamorous.

Via Automatism.

Via Casapinka.

Nicole’s living room from Making it Lovely.

Via House of Turquoise.

Via Peacock Feathers.

Via A Life More Fabulous.

Via JPM Design.

Via Apartment 34.

Via Beauty Comma.

Via Pink Wallpaper.

Via Automatism.

Now let’s raise a glass of pink bubbly to my brand new niece. Welcome to the world! May it always be rosy!

The days are getting longer and warmer and I’m finding myself looking for fresh, bright interiors to usher in the spring. Anita Kaushal is a UK-based interior designer and writer whose aesthetic fits the bill perfectly. These airy spaces, from Anita’s own home, have all the airy appeal of a spring morning. Take a look and get inspired to swap your brights for white, fling open the windows and bring in some fresh flowers…

I love how these spaces are both casual and somehow also pulled-together. This looks like a great place for kids as well as a chilled grown-up hang-out. You can see more at Anita’s web site.

I’ve been drawn to a lot of spaces with stunning ethnic rugs recently. I’ve never been into the ‘global’ style but I’m beginning to think I could change my mind. There are so many options, from Mexican to Turkish to Asian rugs, and they give a room such a sense of character and history. Of course the major obstacle to buying one has been price. But now that more stores are carrying affordable versions, it’s starting to become an option.

First up, this stunning pink, blue and gray rug spotted on Slipcover Your Life.

My sister sent me this picture. I don’t know the source but I love the colors and the impact of this pink and orange rug.

Patterned rugs don’t have to be bright colors either. I love the soft blue-grays in this image. Photo by Patric Johansson.

Every stone floor should have a rug like this. Via House of Turquoise.

This one looks bang up to date with crisp black and white. Via Desire to Inspire.

Neutral room + amazing rug = effortless style. Via Design Evolution.

Even in a small room, a tiny patterned rug adds character, without being crowded. Via Smart Alec.

Now all I have to do is find one I can afford!

A few years ago, my husband and I were on our way out for dinner when we spotted this stunning woodblock print in the window of a local gallery.

It’s of a Japanese dogwood tree and is by Hajime Namiki. The background is gold leaf and the tree itself and all the blossom is the most wonderfully-detailed woodblock print. Needless to say, I was smitten. Lucky me, a few weeks later, on my birthday, I was delighted to receive that very same print as a gift from my other half.

That first purchase started a small obsession. The next year we bought a small print of snow-covered alpine trees on a silver leaf background – unfortunately the only picture of it I can find isn’t great but you get the idea.

Then my sister spotted the dogwood print at our house and fell in love too, resulting in the purchase of this absolute beauty for her home.

I find these images so still and calming – they work perfectly in so many rooms and I find I never tire of them. If I had endless cash and space, I would buy a hundred more! Seeing as that’s not possible, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.

I found all these images on this site, where you can buy the prints. But they’re all over the Internet so you won’t have much trouble tracking them down. (I said I loved them, I didn’t say they were exclusive!) These are all from the tree series, but there’s also the Fuji series with spectacular images of Mount Fuji, and a stylized dragon series.

If you’re tempted, perhaps there’s still time to drop a hint to loved ones looking for the perfect Christmas gift for you!

I was struck recently by this photo, by Petrina Tinslay. What a perfect image! That sky is just glorious. You couldn’t help but relax here.

Petrina Tinslay

It made me want a room with this combination of rosy pink, amber and deep violet. I found a few that are similar.

Pink bedroom

Via Pink Wallpaper.

Pink and yellow

Pink and yellow

Both via Peacock Feathers.

Lucyina Moodie

By stylist Lucyina Moodie.

Pink and yellow

Via This is Glamorous.


Via Light Locations.

Anybody found any more? I have a feeling this is going to turn into quite the quest.

The roses in our backyard are almost finished (although we sometimes get some as late as September when things warm up again in San Francisco). There’s one particular rose bush that was here when we moved in and has the most extraordinary coloring. The buds start out a deep coral color, then turn dark orange, fade to peach and eventually end up pale pink with a yellow center. It’s quite amazing. They’re at my favorite stage right now – they’ve just turned pink and are getting paler by the day.



There’s something so Victorian about an overblown rose. I like that these ones are a little weathered and battered too. So much nicer than the shop-perfect sort. Makes me think of teatime table settings like this…

Roses and tea

Roses and tea

Last two photos by Joanna Henderson.

I was thinking about pink recently. Why? Well, I spotted this colorscope over at Simplified Bee and decided to give it a whirl. I was drawn to the fuschia color most (which apparently makes me courageous, passionate, playful and serious (?)) Anyway, then I wondered, why don’t we have more of that color in the house? Of course, it’s because I don’t think my other half would relish the thought of being surrounded by hot pink. That got me thinking, is it possible for us fuschia fans to inject a little of our favorite color into our homes without dooming ourselves to a life of marital discord?!

I found some interiors that use pink in small amounts and in a way that is anything but little girly. With a little encouragement, I think he might be able to live with these.

Gemma Ahern's home

Via the Style Files via DesignSponge.

Pink pillow living room

Via British Homes and Gardens.

Pink and green

Pink accents

Pink wallpaper

The last three are from this Flickr feed.

Pink chaise

Via Casapinka.

Pink and Blue

Via Apartment Therapy.

Mirka McNeill Farmer

Designed by Mirka McNeill Farmer.

Pink accent office

Via Decorology

Pink cushions

Via Dwellings and Decor, via the Inspired Room.

Pink cushions

Pink and black living room

Pink stripes and green

Three above via LivingEtc.

Don’t get me wrong, he tolerates (perhaps even enjoys) most of my interior obsessions. But pink is usually just a step too far. What do you think? Would I get away with any of these?

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