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This is for those of you who are passionate about color. Christian Zuzunaga is a graphic artist who uses pixels to create stunning visual designs, usually representations of cityscapes.

Zuzunaga’s designs have been turned in various textiles, including rugs, scarves and cushions, many of which are available for purchase in his online store. My favorite are these cushions. Such a simple concept yet it needs flawless execution and artistry to work – both of which these textiles clearly have. There are several collections: Fire, Soul, Spirit, Luna, Venus and Mercury. I’d opt for the warm and harmonious tones of the Soul collection (above and below):

Zuzunaga has also designed unique textiles for brands such as Ligne Roset and exhibited his work in galleries as prestigious as the Tate Gallery.

If you’d like a little pixel art in your living room, this is an affordable and unique option. Personally, I will be finding a space for the cherry red and pink versions as soon as possible…


One of the things keeping me busy this summer was an amazing vacation in Virginia where the boys enjoyed all sorts of traditional ‘boy’ activities such as crabbing, fishing, building sandcastles, foraging for bugs (of which there were plenty) and the like. Meanwhile, the girls, took advantage of being officially in the South and escaped to the local quilting store.

Now, I’m no quilt expert (in fact, I can barely sew on a button), but I know a piece of textile art when I see one. So you can imagine how pleased I was, on my return, to find an email introducing me to a fabulous online textile store, Darjeeling Cotton.

This is my favorite of the patchwork quilts on offer. Bold, simple colors and a classic design that would look great in a girl’s bedroom or even in a modern family room.

The handblock quilts are also stunning. I particularly like the Crimson Buti range (above).

The Flower Garden design (above) is a little more traditional but would be stunning against white sheets. Indian handblock prints are very ‘of-the-moment’ – and for good reason. They look fresh, authentic and pretty, while giving any space an eclectie, personal touch.

Best of all,  for every quilt sold Darjeeling Cotton donates $12 toward educating a child in a developing country. So you can feel good while indulging in something beautiful for your home…

I was pretty amazed yesterday to see that Google’s home page design was in celebration of Josef Frank’s 125th birthday. It’s not exactly a public holiday or day of global celebration. In fact, I imagine most Americans would be asking ‘who on earth is Josef Frank?’ But the ‘doodle’ created to mark the occasion will still be familiar to anyone interested in design.

Josef Frank, of course, was the Austrian-Swedish architect and designer who created the fantastical designs still seen in textiles today. What’s incredible is that, even though he was born 125 years ago and passed away in 1967, his designs still look so incredibly fresh and modern. To my mind, that’s the mark of true innovation. Feast your eyes on some of these examples of his work.

All from Svenskt Tenn.

And, just to show how wonderful Frank’s designs can look in a contemporary space, check out this image from Apartment Therapy.

Ah, a ray of sunshine for the start of the weekend, don’t you think?

So, which other designers do you think should feature in the Google homepage doodle?

If you appreciate hand-crafted textiles and furniture, then you’re in for a treat at Niki Jones. This British-based web site is a relative newcomer and has just launched its second collection. There are mother-of-pearl inlaid cabinets, Javanese cushions, Moroccan rugs and embroidered headboards in shades of gray, gold and pink. There are butterflies, pompoms and sequins. There’s sheesham wood, pale nubby linen, glossy fucshia lacquer and rose-colored silk. It’s a little bit Anthropologie, a little bit Graham and Green – and browsing the collection is a bit like being a kid in a candy store.

Oh, and it’s not part of the new collection, but have you ever seen a bed as stunning as this?

Likewise, also from the previous collection, are these spice pots. These would look great in my new all-white kitchen (the one I will have one day when I get around to it, that is).

Although a British company, it will ship overseas. I wouldn’t like to see the cost of shipping a bed or dresser, but a small beaten metal bowl might be worthwhile… Meanwhile, enjoy all the eye candy at the Niki Jones site.


I’ve completely fallen for the range of textiles at L’Aviva Home. Representing techniques and crafts from all over the world, each piece seems to tell a story. Indeed, many of the items are vintage.

The bedspread above is, of course, a Moroccan wedding blanket. Perfect for sparkly neutral types like me! I’m also hankering for one of these Mexican bedspreads, which come in turquoise, crimson, plum, terracotta and gray as well as this indigo.

Mexican bedspread

These are Bolivian Aguayos, used by women in the Andean region to carry babies and personal items.


There are also beautiful organic cotton Turkish Hammam towels.

Turkish Hammam towels

And vintage Suzanis from Uzbekistan – in several different colors.


These aren’t exactly cheap, but that doesn’t stop me wishing…

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